Thursday, May 1, 2008


Headphases are the meat of my blog, the juicy bloody bits of goodness that get my blood pressure cranking. They're what I live every day, set down into type for you to read. I have them organized in reverse-chronological order, from the most recent to the oldest, and divided into their respective years. I also took the liberty of marking some of my favorite ones. Yes, I suppose that might seem conceited of me, but it's all for you. You know, in case you're in a time crunch and you want to know which ones to read before you... say, get the electric chair?

Divide and conquer
The myth of job creation +
Tax Responsibility
How this tax thing works +
Think globally, protest locally
Occupation dedication
You'll never be rich
Genuinely inauthentic
Get on the bus, Gus
Here's a bat-ter idea

On the road, again
Onward and upward
Gimme yo' shit
The Box +
Burning down the house
Domestic abuse
ChatRoulette: Welcome to the End of the Internet
The truth of the matter
Why do horrible things happen to good people? +
The price of kindness

Some Loose Ends: The Rest of the Music of 2009, Pt. 2
Some Loose Ends: The Rest of the Music of 2009, Pt. 1
The Rules of Cool +
Are you crazy?
Analyze this
Bite the hand that breeds
You are not a vampire +
The beast of apathy
Why I just don't mind seeing newspapers go out of business in
the slightest

Vote Zerbe in 2024! +
First Name: Jeremy
Hypermagicism International
A lil' bit country +
Licensed to ill
Ill communication
My issues with police, Vol. 46,241,346
Pigs of the sea +
Jack in the Sucks
The right to arm beers +
The Mighty Boosh
Kids these days!
What's goin' on! (Right on, baby! Right on!)
Idol chatter +
Swill O'Whiney
Forever and ever
God bless (white, heterosexual, middle-to-upper class,
Christian) America
Aaaaand now for something completely expected!
To serve and protect
Omegle, Part II
Tweet, tweet
My brilliant ideas
City Jogger 2009! +
Shut up and swallow +
On the road +
The News at 3
Alles glänzt, so schön neu

Dreaming of a White Christmas
"Chromeo, Oh Chromeo. Wherefore art thou Opera?"
President Obama +
Radio New Zealand National
Bipartisan Efforts +
A letter to the editor
Getting personal with your personal computer +
Ti-i-i-ime is on my hands
As an added bonus...
A matter of principle
Look Back and Laugh
The smell of freshly cut ass +
Mushroom cheesesteak, hold the hatred