Thursday, May 29, 2008

An introduction

Welcome to The Hypermagic Headphase, my new and (hopefully) more consistently updated blog.

I can't remember how many blogs I have started. I had a xanga, a myspace, even a blogspot for awhile. Each time I start one, I think how great it's going to be to finally have something to write constantly, so that I never run into the dry spells that I constantly get myself into when I'm working on my short stories. Always producing work, no matter what it is, is supposed to help, so I try, trucking on for days or weeks, until I just don't have the drive to do it anymore.

But here I am again, with one more try. And I think it might work this time, because it's not just me ranting about my day. I work at a radio station here in Pittsburgh (my radio show is also called The Hypermagic Headphase and is broadcast from 11pm-1am every Thursday) and I'm constantly reviewing new albums, so I figured that would provide quality, constant content here, filling up the wholes when I'm not feeling particularly inspired. It's all an exercise in writing anyway, so I think it will help.

So here I am. Again. As if I don’t have enough other stuff to do, right? I’m twenty-two years old and a concierge at the Hilton Pittsburgh despite a degree in writing from the University of Pittsburgh and a pretty decent resume in radio experience. Go figure. But in the free time that I have, I mostly write, so I’m hoping this is something that will help me. Again. Only time, I suppose, will tell. Let’s see if I can get through a week of this.

I hope you’ll enjoy.

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