Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Radio New Zealand National

If you haven't had enough of my blindly opinionated ranting here online, you are in luck! On Election Day, Tuesday November 4th, I will be on Radio New Zealand National's show "NIGHTS with Bryan Crump" doing the same, and all the while representing you, America, to a nation of 4.1 million people on the opposite side of the globe. Probably in my underwear to boot. How do you feel about that?

I met Bryan when I was in New Zealand for Roadtrip Nation this past August, and was fortunate enough to go on his show in Wellington and talk with him about our show and about his life. The interview that my friend Priya and I had with him can be found in RNZN's archives by clicking that link right there, if you are so interested. And soon enough, more audio with my beautiful voice will be added to that archive, because I am going to be on a panel of American voters to discuss this year's election! There are four of us in all, each representing a different aspect of the nation's voting public, from a conservative-minded American Indian to a transplant in New Zealand who is voting via absentee ballot to what was mysteriously described in Bryan's email as "a black American." I can only hope it's Colin Powell.

Of course, I'll be representing the demographic of Green Libertarians Voting Democrat in the Midst of a Sea of Psychotic, Gun-Toting, Bible-Brandishing, Right-Wing Nut-Jobs. Since there are so many of us to speak for. I have no idea what the format of the show is going to be or exactly what I'm supposed to talk about, so that in and of itself promises sheer radio gold. Honestly though, NIGHTS is a fantastic show--a more music-oriented This American Life for New Zealanders. When Priya and I were on the show in August, Bryan and his producers Robyn and Shannon had their entire show revolve around roadtrips in light of our visit. Every song they played was tied to the theme, from "Highway to Hell" to "Route 66," and all throughout the show they took emails, calls and texts from listeners about their favorite roadtrips. After our bit of the show was finished, the three even helped us plan out our route through South Island for the following days. In short, Bryan and his producers are great and they make a really awesome show that is totally worth your time.

So if you're still up at 1am on Tuesday night (and hopefully you won't have to be, so long as Florida and Ohio get their shit together this time around), tune in to RNZN's online stream and listen! Or, if you have a life and/or a job that you need to be up for the next day, listen at your leisure in RNZN's archives. I'll link to the interview as soon as it's posted.


You didn't honestly think I was going to let these two stories slide, did you? Sarah Palin running up a fat $150,000 tab on the Republican National Committee's dime for a family makeover? That's right--every one of her fashion-forward, pantsuit-and-leather-jacket get-ups she's been trying to compete with Michelle Obama in (and failing miserably, I must say) for the last two months was straight out of the GOP's wallet. How someone could even manage to spend $75,000 at a Neiman Marcus in a single day is beyond me, but it's no big thing to the Republican Party, so long as they've got the prettiest belle at the ball. Remember how I said in my letter to the editor that this wasn't a beauty pageant? Well, let me correct myself.

And let John McCain correct himself as well. Or at least attempt to. At a rally just outside Pittsburgh in Moon Township yesterday, the Arizona senator just couldn't help but speak his true feelings on Western Pennsylvanians: that they are unabashed racists and bigots. But never mind that slip of the lizard tongue--the crowd still cheered the poor, blathering old coot on as he squeaked out this narrow save that will be forever remembered in the annals of rhetorical history:

"I couldn't disagree... with you... I couldn't agree more with you more than the fact that Western Pennsylvania is the most patriotic, most God-loving, most... most patriotic part of America... and this is a great part of the country!"

Hey, play to your strengths I guess.

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