Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ti-i-i-ime is on my hands

Yes it is.

I am finally home from New Zealand. Well, actually I have been since the middle of last month, but if you were following my trip blog on Tumblr, you probably think I'm only leaving tomorrow. Sorry to ruin the surprise, but I'm back state-side and full of all kinds of new ideas, glowing outlooks on life, and general goodwill toward my fellow man.


New Zealand was nice, and if you read my blog about it, you probably believe that last sentence. But that was for a television show and a travel website, so it only got the bright and shiny details that make me sound like an Epiphany Machine contracted for the Disney Corporation. But the whole trip was not, in fact, all cookies and blowjobs. There were aspects of it that I wish I could change now, as I look back, but the experience was well worth the time. It also is going to look spectacular on my resume, which is currently in the hands of producers at This American Life in New York, who are debating whether or not I deserve a position with the show for six months. I am hoping that I do.

This American Life is a radio show hosted weekly on Chicago Public Radio (so why production is in Manhattan, I have no idea) by Ira Glass. The internship I've applied for is for a six-month, paid stint with the production team, doing just about everything from making coffee to producing my own bits. Everyone tells me I am qualified for it, so I've decided to give in to peer pressure for once (okay, twice, now that I wear tight pants but I still swear that's to make it easier to bike), and believe in myself. I do think I deserve the job, as self-aggrandizing as that sounds, and I do think that I have a chance at getting it. They emailed me this weekend, telling me that they were busy and didn't have time to read all of the applications yet, which made me sad that I now have to wait until November 14th to find out the course of the rest of my life, but in the same turn glad because--hey, at least they didn't just throw my shit away in disgust when they opened up the giant manilla envelope. That's a start at least.

So I'm waiting, mostly. And playing a lot of FIFA07. My parents are out on their tour of the United States, which still, amazingly, does not stop my mom from calling me every thirty minutes to see what I'm up to. They were on Pike's Peak yesterday, and all my mom could think to do, rather than simply take in the beauty of the landscape around her, was to call me and ask about the dog. The dog is fine. I also, am fine. However, if you don't want to take my word for it, I'm sure that's the focus of my mom's brand new blog since I can't imagine what else she has time to think about while she's on the phone with me all day. Not that she's really interrupting anything anyway, other than Basket Cup 2008, inspired by a ridiculous looking basket-attached-to-a-wooden-pedestal-thing (complete with a shiny brass nameplate that reads: "CONGRATULATIONS!") that we found in my kitchen when we were counting just how many baskets are in the room. The correct answer is We Lost Count Around 90.

Boy, am I home. Hopefully not for long though. Not that I hate Lancaster. In fact, I think that it's one of the better places in this state, possibly the best after Pittsburgh. I'm even trying to get together a little soccer/kickball league here in Ephrata so that I can get people together to play (out in the real world, not on a television). So if you're interested in that, give me a holler. I might even start updating this blog more regularly than once every two months. I've got a bunch of books that I finished while I was in New Zealand that I suppose I ought to get around to reviewing. I don't have a whole hell of a lot else to do. Except win that Basket Cup. I think the Kaizer Chiefs are going all the way. South Africa, represent!

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