Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Obama

How glad I am to say those two words. It really represents a step forward for our country to be able to vote into office a black man with the name Barack Hussein Obama. Even despite the living, breathing, hate-filled racism that is so prevalent in states below (and unfortunately, above) the Mason-Dixon line, we have moved into a completely new age of social equality. Racism is not solved, equality has not been acheived--but we now stand at the cusp of an era where those goals are coming into sight.

Of course, not everyone is so happy. One such person is hyper-conservative, Native American writer "Bad Eagle" (given name, "David Yeagley")--and by hyper-conservative, I don't mean Pat Buchanan. I don't even mean Rush Limbaugh. I mean George Lincoln Rockwell and John Birch. Bad Eagle is what you and I would probably call ethnocentric. We'd probably also call him a lunatic. Mr. Eagle was my counterpoint on Radio New Zealand National's NIGHTS with Bryan Crump last night. He is from Oklahoma City, and as far as I can tell, is a professional blogger--though he'd have us believe that he is a "newsman." In so far as blurting your opinion on the internet is news, I suppose he is right. The interview can be found in RNZN's archives, just like the last interview I did with Bryan, and it is even more worth a listen, just to hear a complete and utter racist, sexist, psychopath rant on about Obama's Marxist tendencies and illegitimate, third-world past.

Yeah. He also said "Negro" three times.

There was also a third party in the interview, a married mom of one who has lived the last four years in New Zealand, after growing up in Deleware, but there wasn't much to say about her. She was a Democrat, but she was so flighty and typical in her support of "change" that I was almost as frustrated with her lack-of-opinion as I was with Bad Eagle's baseless ranting. I wouldn't say that the format of the discussion was a debate, per se, but those who have listened have told me that I "won." I just hope I didn't misrepresent the American people to a nation across the globe that already kind of looks at us as a mad scientist's social experiment gone awry. I know that I wasn't necessarily my sharpest on all of my points, but give me a break: I was on live at 1:30 in the morning and my head was all a-flutter with politics and FIFA 07 statistics! You're damn right Miller and I were playing our FC Dallas season while we watched the election results come in. The beauty of picture-in-picture television.

So I'm happy. I think we have a big chance as a nation right now. The entire population was tired of our current administration, and realized that things had to change--economically and socially. I don't think that President Obama has all the answers, and I know he won't be able to solve all of our problems--if any, in his first four years--but we have stepped up and shown the rest of the world that our young nation is finally growing into adulthood. Now we can only hope and pray that we continue in such a fashion and do not get lazy and let it all go to waste next time we are called to make a decision about how we would represent ourselves to the rest of the world. That's really what I fear, and we've proven, time and time again, on a number of levels, that we are capable of blinding ourselves to our future. Every time gas prices go up, people begin realizing that the huge cars they're pumping fuel into are in fact, maybe a little too big. But then, as soon as prices go down, they're back buying the Hummer, or whatever other enormous, cock-surrogate the news tells us we need to buy because IT GETS A WHOPPING 22 HIGHWAY MILES PER GALLON! My car was built in 1994 and gets 31. Geo stopped making their Storm, which got almost 40. I am not impressed by the Chevrolet Mountain-Fucker and its 18 feet per barrel.

But maybe this is our chance to turn it around. Maybe we can learn from our mistakes and realize that we need to start taking responsibility. It's something President Obama certainly believes in.

President Obama.

That makes me smile.

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