Tuesday, January 20, 2009

While I was out

During my lengthy hiatus from regular posting here, I was editing some photography and found a bunch of pictures I took during the time I spent in New Zealand. Now, if you followed my blog about the trip, you've seen a lot of the sights I saw, but these pictures weren't included because they're more about "art" than "scenery." Or at least, that's how I'd like to see it. Hopefully you'll like to see them as well.

And a few of my new favorites from here at home. I even gave sepia tone a try, which I never do. I was pretty happy with the result, though I don't know if it will become a regular thing for me. Sometimes it just seems a bit forced. Of course, I can do it perfectly, because I am perfect.

If you are so inspired to check out more of my photography, feel free to visit my Flickr site for more from both New Zealand and from everywhere else I've found myself with a camera. I even stumbled upon a couple old pictures from my on-going series, "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh," and posted them as well. Of course, now everything is horribly out of order and Flickr doesn't have enough customization capability to allow me to remedy that, and it's driving me nuts. But that's alright. Perfectly alright.

I'll get you, Flickr.

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