Monday, April 6, 2009


It's past two in the morning, which really isn't that late for me but it feels like the sun should be coming up any minute because I'm exhausted from riding 14 miles today with Jess, on top of stomaching a family get-together at my grandparents this afternoon. Actually, that wasn't so bad. Especially the part where we rode the ancient Suzuki 4-wheeler through the woods and felt like we were living in the Seventies (courtesy of Jess' oversized sunglasses, my new Banana Republic polo and my grandparents' amazingly dated wallpaper).

And I know I haven't been writing in a while, and for that I must apologize. I still have books to catch up with reviews and things to complain about, so don't worry about this blog petering off into nothingness. It's just that I've been busy. Or at least busier than I have been in months. I've got a part-time job at a local grocery store to try to keep up with my student loan payments. I've also been writing for an online magazine whenever I can think of something interesting enough to pitch them. So far it's been graphic novelists, internet browsers and Seattle Sounders FC goalkeeper, Kasey Keller. Hopefully there will be more on the way soon--whenever I can pin down what the hell frat guys who only care about boobs want to read about (other than boobs). Not exactly my target audience, but it's a gig.

So why, with all of these things going on in my life, with my eyelids hanging heavy and laundry to be folded spread all across my bed, am I wasting my time on the internet tonight? Because I discovered Omegle, and it is blowing my mind. It's a pretty simple concept, as you'll see when you visit the site: you just click into it and you're randomly connected with someone else in the world to chat away. It doesn't sound that interesting, and a lot of the people I've already met are also not terribly memorable, but I'm amazed all the same. I feel like I've taken my second time warp of the day, back to 1996 when I'd get up in the middle of the night and sign into chatrooms while my parents were asleep. Ever since I realized how creepy chatrooms are, however, (and lost my interest in role-playing as Greyleaf Darkclaw, the Elven Warrior) I haven't stumbled back into people randomly on the internet except for the occasional porny MySpace nonsense that cuts through the spam filter. And those aren't even real people. Or so I hope, for their sakes.

But Omegle. What an idea. Bringing back the entertainment and potential hilarity of a chatroom without all the creepy propositions for anal sex. Well, with less of them. If nothing else, this kind of a site might bring back the antics of the internet's beloved son, Bloodninja or at least someone to follow in his glorious footsteps. There is already a compilation of hilarious conversations being made by people I know in Pittsburgh that have tried Omegle out. In fact, I'm not even chatting anymore, I'm just reading these and trying not to laugh out loud and wake up my parents.

Congratulations, internet. You've outdone yourself again. Bringing back the "a/s/l?" with a vengeance. I like it.

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  1. hmm, well it's certainly an interesting idea. I think i might try it out one night.