Thursday, May 21, 2009

Idol chatter

Don't tell me you didn't catch the American Idol season finale last night, because I know you did! Just like me, you've been watching all year, so excited to see who our next Idol would be. And let me tell you, am I relieved or what!

I just have to say that I'm glad Kris won. It's so nice to see a handsome, good, Christian boy like that come out on top in this country every once in a while. You turn on your television to almost any channel these days and all you see is promiscuity--boys and girls, boys and boys, girls and who-knows-what. Even shows like Grey's Anatomy are doing it now, trying to cozy up to the gays and boost their ratings. Of course, that's set in Seattle, so we should have guessed from the beginning that some kind of loopy communist nonsense would come out of it in the end. They think we don't realize what's going on, but it's obvious. And frankly, it disgusts me.

So imagine my delight to see Kris beat Adam last night! I didn't think it was possible, but we really turned out the votes--almost a hundred million! I really have to hand it to you all, because without us there was no way Kris possibly could have won. I mean, did you hear Adam on that K*** song? (I'm sorry, but I will not type out a band name that stands for something as horrible as "Knights in Satan's Service.") His voice is so amazing! I mean, seriously, without our support, Kris wouldn't have stood a chance. I'm just glad we get to vote, instead of letting the judges decide who is best. I heard Simon on Oprah say that he thought Adam should win. Boy did we dodge a bullet on that one! I mean Adam can really sing, but it's such a shame he's using it for such terrible means, trying to advertise his homosexuality to all of the young people that watch American Idol, trying to make himself look like any of the rest of us and confuse our children.

I mean, I didn't even know at first. I thought he might be, with all the eye makeup and the nail polish. I had this nagging feeling that he might be a gay, and of course, I was right. But he did a good job of hiding it, slipping it in subtly so no one would notice until we were all voting for him, letting him win. That's what they do. That's what they always do: act normal and nice and seem just like anyone else until we accept them and then they spring it on us. And then what? I think you know. It starts with an "H" and ends in eternal damnation.

I'm just glad that we showed the Fox Network that we wouldn't stand for it anymore. They have to realize that Kris' win wasn't at all about the contest, it was a protest against Hollywood's support of the homosexual agenda. They think that they can just keep feeding us this stuff and that eventually we'll just shrug and say, "Sure, whatever. I guess it's fine," and then start to let them ruin our churches and our morals and babysit our kids. But we showed them! We're not so weak!

So congratulations, Kris! And congratulations to the rest of you, brothers and sisters in Christ! For standing up for what you believe in and making it known to the nation! Maybe next time they'll think before they try to push their decadent secularism on us through the TV. Maybe they'll finally realize that we still make up the majority here in America (and will for quite awhile, if Mr. Obama bin Laden takes some precious time away from his mosque and decides to build that wall along our southern border) and that we aren't going to take all this leftist propaganda sitting down.

Maybe they'll even bring back 7th Heaven!

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  1. this had me laughing quite a bit, and yea this is america.