Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hypermagicism International

It's been almost exactly a year to the day that I left for New Zealand to film for a month for Roadtrip Nation. A lot has happened since then, and even more hasn't. I'm still living in Lancaster, after being sure I'd be out of here within months of returning. The economy tanked and kept me stationary and without job. We got a new president, and one I actually voted for. I was even an election correspondent for the radio host in New Zealand that I met during my trip. I got a job at a grocery store for awhile, became the manager of the store's cafe, then was fired. But on Tuesday morning, 368 days since I last got on a plane to head elsewhere in the world, I'm doing it again. To Buenos Aires.

Not for a documentary this time, more for pleasure. I'll be living for a month with my friends Jen and Curtis, who live on and off down in Argentina. In an apartment, not a swampy van on the side of the road, or hopping from bed to bed in the houses of kind-hearted people who I barely know. The apartment is actually pretty damn sweet too. Needless to say, it should be quite a different trip. Beyond all that, of course, there is the complete language barrier. The extent of my Spanish is "Hello" at three different times of day and the word for "toilet" (not even the entire phrase to ask where one is).

I've debated adopting a Kiwi accent for the duration of the trip, or speaking primarily German and then "finding a common ground" among English, to make myself appear like less of a moronic American tourist. I hear most people just pretend to be Canadian, but where's the fun in that? If I pretend to be a German I could totally get away with wearing a fanny pack, but I guess I'll have to leave my college sweatshirts, stretch-fit visors and white New Balance running sneakers at home. In a country of inhumanly suave, beautiful people, I don't need to attract anymore attention to myself than need be.

But, like my excursion to the Land Just Southeast of the Land Down Under, I have decided to keep a Tumblr photoblog--my second iteration of what I suppose I'm calling "Hypermagicism International," this time the Tangophase instead of the Kiwiphase. Get it? See what I'm going for here? I don't know if I'll be updating my main blog here much for the upcoming month (I guess it all depends on how much Argentine cops piss me off, the way this thing has been carrying on), but I will do my best to keep you updated through pictures and anecdotes. Maybe I'll even get it done in real time, instead of trying to catch up for a month after I get home. That would be a change of pace. There's nothing on the blog yet, but as soon as I start snapping pictures in the airport (I've got five hours to kill during a layover in Miami anyway), I'll make sure they hit the webternets. At least that way, if I go missing as a nubile young sex slave like my parents inevitably fear, someone will realize I haven't blogged in a few weeks and send out a search party.

I hope you'll follow me along on my journey. I won't be touring the countryside like I did last time, but I assume I'll have interesting things to share in one of the biggest and craziest cities in the world. For convenience's sake, I'm adding a link to my navigational bar above, so that you can more easily access my Hypermagicism International blogs. Hopefully they'll grow in years to come. At least that'll mean I'm out of the racist fucking shithole where I live now, even if it is only for a few weeks at a time. Hopefully the next time I'll be able to bring Jess along. I'm really going to miss her for these next thirty-odd days. Plus, she's good at keeping things organized. This whole flying by myself for the first time thing is kind of intimidating, what with how I constantly lose/forget everything that isn't attached to my body. I guess I'll manage. My biggest concern right now is what awesome perks LAN Argentina is going to include on my flight. Qantas is going to be pretty hard to beat.


  1. ha.
    i have a thing with heights, so flying kinda freaks me out..
    so good luck, i hope everything goes well with your trip, truly.

  2. attached or not attached to your person your "stuff" is never really safe.
    i mean really, what kind of american are you?

    p.s. say hello to dexter for me!