Thursday, August 13, 2009

Licensed to ill

I swore to myself I wouldn't do it. No, not make a second Beastie Boys reference in two days--that I'm glad to do. Even in my last blogpost when I started getting close, I purposely shut that shit down, because for me to weigh in on the healthcare issue would just be a mess. It's not just about the healthcare bill or its details, it would have to be about everything: about the Republicans that are fighting tooth-and-nail against it despite their supposed Christian values of compassion; about these fucking "Blue Dog Democrats," these moderate conservatives in disguise, eating up Dixiecrat votes in the south and spitting out blatant Republican ideals when they hit the Senate floor; but most of all, it would have to be about the town hall meetings that have been getting completely out of hand.

But I swore not to. Rachel Maddow was doing enough, along with Keith Olbermann and even Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. What would be the point of me re-hashing their points? Anyone can turn on MSNBC or just about any other news channel to hear what has been going on. The organized protestors made to look like organic dissenters, and how those protests were organized by medical and insurance lobby groups. The fake letters sent out by by Bonner & Associates to Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA), with stolen NAACP letterhead, asking that he vote against Cap & Trade Bill. Why do that? Well, because they were hired by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity to do exactly that. Hell, they even invented a new word for it all: "astroturfing," as a nod to just how fake these concocted grassroots efforts really are.

And yet, here I am, reneging on my word. What could possibly drive me to do such a thing? Because this week, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter (who I have proudly twice voted for--and while he was listed Republican, no less) held one of these now-infamous town hall meetings in Lebanon, PA, only a half hour or so north of where I live. And, as expected, it went swimmingly. For the lobbyists. It's not even a Right/Left thing at this point, and that's the most mind-boggling thing of it all. The conservative right might be aligned with these beliefs, but the people getting the uneducated and under-informed citizens of this great nation all riled up at these meetings aren't from one side of the political division or the other--THEY'RE JUST COMPANIES THAT WANT TO STOP THIS LEGISLATION BECAUSE IT WILL COST THEM MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IF IT GOES THROUGH. And somehow they've scared us enough, with their chain emails and news stories that Fox News is just dying to pick up, that they can get people to go DISRUPT TOWN HALL MEETINGS AND DO THEIR GODDAMN CORPORATE DIRTY WORK FOR THEM.

Footage from this town hall in Lebanon hit the internet like all the others, but this time it was picked up by Hardball co-host, Lawrence O'Donnell and he actually invited the psychotic cunt from the video on his show. And proceeded to completely (and politely) dismantle her. Of course, actions speak louder than words, so just watch it. If you can make it all the way through. I know it's tough, but when he starts completely nailing her on the fact that Medicare is a socialized medicine plan, it all becomes worth the agony.

I, for one, would now like to take a little road trip. First to New York, so that I can give O'Donnell some kind of award or at least a handjob of appreciation. Then on my way home, maybe I'll stop in the Lebanon area, at the Jigger Shop in Mt. Gretna for a delicious Sundae. Oh, and then swing by this bitch's house to smack her in the fucking jaw.


  1. Oh Zerbe, have pity on her. How would you like to have such a poor grasp on reality? It must be difficult for her.

  2. HA HA! I was working for PCN on the Tuesday and Wednesday that Specter was having his town hall meetings and we actually followed him around. First was Lebanon, then Lewisburg and finally State College. There was a Pre-Med student at the Lewisburg one that was complaining about how there is no other profession that she could go into that would be as controlled by the government. There was also a news crew from Sky News...which (as you should know) is a news station from the UK, right before the town hall took place i was telling him about the happenings that took place in Lebanon. After i was finished he just looked at me with a confused face and said "well, it works for us in England, i walk into a doctors office i get treated and i leave, i dont understand why people are so angry about this." He also explained how you can still purchase private health care, if you so please, and most employers still supply you with health care that goes above and beyond the "state" health care that you are privileged with, because you're a human.