Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm baaaaaack...

And ready to par-tayyy! So put on your best galoshes and release the doves, because I'm back in my shithole hometown, and ready to get bloggin' like I mean it again! It's the only way to keep myself from jumping headfirst off my roof into the hard, cold asphalt of my driveway below! That and maybe re-watching Freaks and Geeks. But this time I won't even have to run on the elliptical while I do so, because apparently I lost 17 pounds over the course of my travels, eating steak and chocolate mousse every single day.

No lie. But the ridiculously over-processed, terribly unhealthy food that we cram into our gaping maws here in the United States is a subject for a later blog. Before I get back into my screaming matches with the internet, I figured I should share with you some of the photographs I took while I was out and about in Buenos Aires. Like those from New Zealand last year, these are not all of my pictures, but just a smattering of some of the artsy-fartsy ones I fancied.

For a complete collection of my pictures, feel free to visit either my Flickr site, where I've got the majority of these sorts of pictures posted, or my travel blog from the trip, The Hypermagic Tangophase. There you'll find a relatively complete journaling of my month away from my real life. And on that note, if you know anywhere that is hiring around the Lancaster or Reading areas, feel free to drop me a line. Turns out I'm broke and need a job. What a crock.


  1. don't rewatch F&G, watch Party Down for the first time...also has your bff Martin Starr in it.

    And i just watched Food Inc., which was about the aforementioned food we eat. scary movie

  2. Write some new fucking stories goddamnit!

  3. I actually want to watch Undeclared, but I don't have it on DVD. Maybe I should Netflix that shit. And I'm working on new stories, keep your pants on. Until you read them; one is about a porno studio.